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Teaching English to those who want to learn

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"Language is communication, communication is understanding and understanding leads to a better world." 



General Enquiries

Email: angrit4anyone@gmail.com

Phone: 0956915114

   This project aims to provide opportunity and hope for those who want to explore the world through study, work or leisure. We bring communities and cultures together using the English Language. 
   This project also aims to develop skills to get jobs in Asia. Globalisation means that soon anywhere in the world will use the English Language. There are so many opportunities that can be gained from having English skills in all aspects of life, from a loving partner to a CEO of a company. 
   We want to provide this opportunity to everyone that wants to learn.
   One day we dream of this project becoming entirely self sufficient.
   There is a long way to go, but we will get there quicker together. 
"Your thoughts are your innate navigation system - pay attention."
*Insert clever anagram*
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