• A non-profit project based in Udon Thani, Thailand. We aim to change lives with the English language, starting with Udon Thani.

  • It started with an Englishman and Thai talking in a small apartment with some snacks. Today we work with all types of different nationalities and backgrounds. 

  • We have had so many different characters and ages that have shown support through donations and volunteering. 

  • We've even had sandwiches and brownies donated for our students to enjoy while learning!

The answer to 'Who?' is so much more than a name


  • Provide opportunities to those who cannot afford or access them through teaching the English language. 

  • Develop links between the foreigner and Thai community. As well as sharing culture, through working together. 

  • Provide projects and events to support schools.

  • More specifically, we aim to provide Thai citizens the opportunity to explore the world through study, work or leisure. For the majority in Thailand, the English language is an essential part of this. 

The world of tomorrow is created with the actions of today 


  • Equal Opportunity - We want to give the opportunity to learn English to everyone because everyone can benefit from it. 

  • Hope of a better future - For a lot of Thailand, seeing the world remains a dream and we want to help make it happen.

  • To give hope of a better future - With an increasingly globalised world, knowing some basic English can go a long way in finding a job. Particularly in the public services or business areas within Thailand. 

  • Provide a link between cultures - Thailand is an amazing place, with amazing culture and amazing people. We want to help familiarise Thailand with native English culture . We also love giving other nationalities and cultures an opportunity to get direct experience of Thailand.

  • Women in the community - Although we have a broad range of people involved with this project, women are the majority and it's been a joy to give them this opportunity to learn.

'Why?' - The most important of questions 


  • Udon Thani, Thailand. 

  • Future - If we get the funding, we want to spread across the whole of Thailand. Then, one day Asia!

Every journey has a first step


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