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Children classes




   We have a beginner class for children that start with the alphabet and basic greetings. Learning to read, write and speak the letters of the English Language.

Elementary / Advanced Elementary:

   This is for students that can speak basic greetings and know the English letters. In this course we work on the phonetics and other basic classroom vocabulary that will help them in school and everyday life. We also begin teaching basic numbers.


   This is for students who have a basic grip on the English language, they recgonise key words and common classroom vocabulary. They will learn everyday conversation to be able to communicate in English. They will also learn about numbers, including math word problems.

Adult Classes




   These classes are for adults that have basic English skills. We focus more on teaching English conversation around various topics. The classes are very interactive and there will be a lot of group discussions. The classes are also flexible,  with the option for the discussion to go off topic. 

Fun classes

Every Sunday

Fun and games with English

   We also have a fun class specially made for fun and hopefully learning some English on the way. We often have a mix of children and adults, bringing all levels of English together for activites. These classes are made up of games and small challenges. These classes really bring the community together due to the diversity of students we have involved.

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